Saturday, April 4, 2015

He Is Not Here

Sandwiched in the midst of shopping bargains 
and a stop for nourishment at the Habachi Grill 
was a quick stop at the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store
where I finally dropped off the bag that contained Charley's clothing,
what was left of things already given away to family and friends,
what had been sitting in the trunk of my car for weeks ....
Blue Ridge Hospice seemed an appropriate place
considering they were the ones who looked after him 
during his last weeks at home ....

Here it is ... almost two years later 
and I'm still taking baby steps in the healing process of grief ....

The manchild, who helped carry in the bag,
stood by my side in the foyer of the store 
while I shed a few tears at the closing of another door ....
and then we walked back out into the sunshine
embracing Spring and Eternal Hope

Tomorrow we continue our celebration
of the Resurrection and the Life ....
He is Risen Indeed