Friday, January 27, 2012

Six years of uncertainties, doubts, fears and healing.

Six years of fighting, struggling, questioning, 

then finally resting, trusting that He really does know best

and it will all be for good.

Suddenly, a letter arrives, 

with a picture of a guy, 

hugging a tree, 


I had picked out his name many moons ago, 

for "when" not "if" ...

it seemed too good to be true, 

that this guy would be picked, chosen, if you will, 

by the One who knew what was best, 

and indeed it was a much better choice 

than the one made which caused a great deal of heartache and distress 

for ten long years.

Joy overflowed from everyone who joined us in celebrating our union 

and new life together, 

a humble affair, but so rich in love,

and what makes for a "happily ever after" ending.