Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd

Eighteen years ago
we started painting a life together.
A life full of various colors.
Our love, a shade of red,
and laughter, a hint of blue.
A touch of green held our quiet, 
peaceful moments,
with a sunny yellow 
filtering in warm contentment.
Purple, sometimes royal in brilliance,
shaded our times of renewal and growth.
A spark of orange would appear
during our daring adventures.
The occasional dab of grey
was added here and there
during times of sorrow or loss.
The colors varied with the seasons,
sometimes bright and bold,
sometimes a soothing, shy pastel.

Our vow, 18 years ago today,
was "for as long as we both shall live."
You put down your brushes
three months ago
and left me with a canvas
not yet complete.
You see what is already done
while I work to blend the colors right.
I labor on, but not alone,
for the One who guided both our hands
is with me still ... 
helping me finish the work
that He started in us.