Sunday, October 19, 2014

There is a Time ...

I didn't make any plans for Charley's birthday this month.

It wasn't until the day before, when I was preparing the house for a little guest to spend the week with us, that a few ideas started slowly gathering in my mind.  The morning of his birthday some more ideas fell into place and we ended up spending the day in a unique "to our family" kind of way.

First, after our little guest arrived, I went to the store and selected four balloons, one for each of us and we traveled down to the cemetery.

I wasn't sure if our three year old guest would be willing to relinquish his balloon ... and already planned in my heart that that would be okay ... but, when it came time to release our balloons with our birthday wishes, one by one they all took flight ... as we stood watching them soar higher and higher into the sky I couldn't help but smile and think that Charley would be smiling, too.

Then we traveled over to the Green Valley Book Fair where I picked up a few gifts, one for our little guest and a few others for some loved ones with birthdays coming up.

Because I couldn't find one particular item I was commissioned to look for we made a quick stop at the Farmer's Market where I found it straight away.

Next stop was The Wood Grill, where we all stuffed ourselves and made sure to have a bowl of ice cream in Charley's honor.

Then we crossed over to Costco where we purchased a few more gifts ... after all, that's what birthdays are for ... spending time with family, good food, ice cream and gifts.

Happy birthday, Charley!