Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yesterday my son, Joey, got married.

His beautiful bride, Caitlin, cried before, during and after the wedding.

So did I.

Seeing her have her hair woven into a beautiful array by my daughter, Suzy ...
while still in a pretty plaid shirt and cut off jean shorts ...
I cried.

Seeing my son walk into the sanctuary with his grooms men ...
I cried.

Hearing the music swell as we all stood to welcome the bride into the ceremony ...
I cried.

It was hard not to shed those tears of JOY.

It was a beautiful sunny day,
but even if it had been overcast or rainy as was predicted by the weather forecast,
the light of JOY would have dispelled any darkness ...

the sense of gratitude was overwhelmingly present during the entire ceremony.

That two people could be so made for each other ...

and literally glow with love and contentment.

Yesterday my son, Joey, got married!

Oh, glorious day!